About WaterProofing4Less

At Waterproof4Less, Inc. we specialize in concrete block and cinder block foundations. Most block homes were built 40 to 80 years ago. All block foundations have mortar on all sides of the blocks to hold them together. As the many years go by with the constant hydrostatic pressure of gravity on water in the ground around the house the mortar deteriorates and tends to fall out letting water into the hollow block interiors.

Waterproofing poured concrete foundations. Using the same epoxy and polyurethane injections as the well-known, advertised waterproofing companies plus an extremely effective two part waterproofing epoxy the "2 Part Epoxy” we waterproof for less, usually about 40% less.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.



What We Do?

Instead of drain tile that requires breaking up the basement floor to install plastic tubing to carry water to a sump pump at a fraction of the cost we accomplish the same task with a drain built into a base-board installed around the perimeter of rooms. This low cost substitute to $5,000 to $15,000 for drain tile very much applies to cement block foundations where the hollow blocks fill with water that alternates between freezing then thawing causing horizontal cracks in the middle of the wall that bow inward, eventually to the point the wall is likely to cave in.

After we waterproof the wet leaking interior walls and floor to make the basement dry the baseboard drain can take the the water that drains out from drilling "weeping" holes in the bottom of the cement blocks to a sump pump.