Reason 1.

Waterproof4Less is an affordable waterproofing and general contractor with over 20 years experience. A rated on Angie’s List and a Super Service Award winner. With a long term guarantee and most reasonable prices the foundation wall and floor cracks we seal with epoxy and polyurethane injections do not leak.

Reason 2.

Drain Tile where really needed, usually for 40% -50% of the foundation perimeter, typically for $3,000 to $5,000 including a new sump pump. Drain tile is breaking up the foundation perimeter to install PVC pipe to take water to a sump pump to remove it from the basement. It is sometimes the only waterproofing that can be guaranteed to work. We provide drain tile at reasonable cost.

Reason 3.

Solving Concrete Block/Cinder Block Foundation Problems. The mortar that holds concrete blocks and cinder blocks together often crumbles and falls out as time passes. Replacing the mortar on the interior side of the basement walls doesn’t stop water from leaking in from the exterior side and being trapped in the hollow inside of the blocks. That water deteriorates the blocks if it isn’t removed by drain tile or drilling weeping holes in the bottom row of blocks. Water in the blocks causes mold, moldy smells and cracks that are likely to bow-in from the non-stop pressure of gravity on water in the ground around the house. If bowing-in cracks aren’t dealt with some or all the foundation may collapse.

Reason 4.

Exterior Foundation Sealing. To avoid disturbing finished basements we can often dig down to waterproof on the exterior side of the foundation. When it comes to concrete block and cinder block foundations waterproofing the exterior side also keeps water out of the hollow interiors of block walls.

Reason 5.

We seal unfinished areas that are much larger than cracks with an unique two part epoxy. We waterproof areas as large as entire basements, including very old pre-1930s pre-poured concrete foundations consisting of stones mixed with mortar. By adding semi-gloss color to the epoxy unfinished basements can be simultaneously waterproofed and-finished/decorated. The epoxy is absorbed into wall and floor pores, cavities and openings. The 2 epoxy parts link together to block passage of water. Since the epoxy can't be guaranteed to stop every bit of foundation leaking drain tile may still be needed.

Reason 6.

Sealing the Cove Joint where the basement wall meets the floor. Using a very special cove joint sealer we eliminate chronic leaking and seeping from difficult to seal cove joints where basement walls meet floors. Water pressure is hard to deal with at these joints where concrete is poured separately to form walls and floors. Cove joints and concrete/cinder block foundations are among places drain tile may be essential to take water to a sump pump to put it out.

Reason 7.

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Encapsulation. We offer top quality thick 90 mil vapor barrier to seal off and encapsulate crawl spaces. Vapor barrier's bright white or aluminum surface makes crawl spaces bright, clean, fresh smelling, and eliminates moisture, mold, mildew, fungus, and bad smelling harmful and dangerous soil gases, especially radon, the second cause of cancer after smoking. Air quality is much improved. With central air conditioning crawl spaces should be sealed with vapor barrier not vented. In winter, vents let cold air in and heat out. In summer, vents let hot air in and air conditioned air out.

Reason 8.

Waterproofing That Eliminates Mold. Mold only grows on wet and moist surfaces. The 2 part epoxy we apply makes walls and floors dry, and powerful anti-mold ingredients are added during manufacture that prevent and eliminate mold. With the added chemicals mold doesn't grow on this epoxy. We can install a Santa Fe brand dehumidifier that will keep the relative humidity in living spaces as large as 2,500 square feet in the 30% to 50% range where new mold does not grow and existing mold goes dormant.

Reason 9.

Mold testing starting at $39 per test for existence and kind of mold. It may be very difficult to know if you actually have mold unless there is so much of it that it is obvious. Then you probably want to know what kind and how dangerous it is. Instead of buying a kit at Home Depot or Menards that may be unreliable starting at $39 per test, we collect samples and send them to Hayes Microbial Consulting in Midlothian, VA, a major mold testing laboratory. The test results tell us the specific kind of mold and the numbers of mold spores.